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20 Indie Authors showcased on a #Buzzfeed post. Check out who is number 6! ;)

Copy and paste the link (or click the image below) to the article and check out the full list of awesome Indie Authors!

The words Indie Authors written in an old-style calligraphy font

Seriously .. show them some love! It isn't all that easy being Indie when you're up against a traditionally published market. You really are the little fish in a big pond. It's harder to get your book out there because you don't have the financial backing and marketing department of a publishing company. It's also difficult to get people to take a chance on an Indie Author; almost like we "aren't good enough" because we aren't tied to a publisher. There are some of us (myself included) that chose not to be traditionally published because we want full rights to our work and don't want to deal with some company telling us to rewrite parts to *their* liking.

Check out the list, check out the authors, share the love by sharing the link, and help end the "eww, Indie Author" taboo! :)

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