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From the Broken Pieces


Why couldn’t the past just stay … in the past?  Where it belonged.  Locked up in its cage in a bricked over vault where she’d thrown it when she’d arrived in London all those years ago.


Matilda Elizabeth Wentworth, the somewhat shy, craven teenager boarded the train in St Leonards-on-Sea.  By the time it arrived in London, she emerged as Mattie Sutherland, a woman that refused to be told what to do, how to live, or who to love.  Over the last decade, she’s built a new life, created a new family, and she was happy. 


Or was she?


A chance encounter with a travel vlogger has her questioning not just what it means to be happy, but what a good relationship looks like.   And then she questions everything when she finds out she has a stalker.  Is her new friend tied to this man that’s following her around?  The winter hols are bad enough, she doesn’t need all this on top of it!  And just when she thinks everything is going to be alright, her stalker shows up at the annual New Year’s Eve do she and her best mate Ash have – and he isn’t alone.

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So this happened ...


I’ve been growing my hair out after chopping it off when Linda passed away.  I’d also dyed it a brilliant blue with pink underneath.  After 6 months though, it was so faded and ratty looking that I needed to do something about it.  I’d been trying to put off dying it for as long as I could and it was finally time.  So, I went through all the colors I had the other day and slapped some Tanzanite (Ion Colour Brilliance) in it because I’d bought it but never tried that shade before.  Three days later, the first round of paperbacks of “Just Like Lightning” were delivered to the house.  And … well …

Author and Book.  Image of Nicola Noble h9olding a copy of Just ike Lightning.  Her hair colour matches the stormy sky on the book cover.
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Reviews of To Face The Fire


Bridget Jones meets 50 First Dates - It grabs you from the beginning until you're so totally immersed in Donna's life that you HAVE TO stay up way too late reading.

Amazon Customer


Not only will it make you laugh so hard people will ask you what you are reading, but it will also make you cry so have tissues on hand. Noble takes you on a wonderful journey with her eloquently written storylines and then leaves you wanting more.

Barnes & Noble Customer

Reviews of Just Like Lightning


Great book/series! Interesting story line, funny, and down to earth. Loved it!

Amazon Customer


Excellent read. Good characters and suspense.

Amazon Customer

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