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The 5 Boroughs Series

Currently there are four books in the series.  "To Face The Fire", "Just Like Lightning", & "Whisper on the Wind" are available both as a paperback and an ebook.  The 4th book in the series (untitled) is in the 1st draft stage.  The total number of books in the series has yet to be determined, though it will include a companion cookbook ;)  (It's all Alera's fault!!)

Cover of the book To Face The Fire.  Mostly black cover wit a strip of glowing fire across the bottom.
To Face The Fire

ISBN-13  978-0997494617

The 5 Boroughs Series - Book 1


Donna Giannino knows what it’s like to “walk through the fire”.  She’s a survivor.  She has the scars to prove it.  And although her physical scars have mended, it’s the wounds to her soul that won’t heal.  Once full of life, she’s isolated herself from the world outside of the thick walls she’s created for herself.  Unable to overcome her past, especially the night that left both her body and her spirit broken; she’s living a half-life, where the only way she feels safe is in her little bubble.  After all, there’s wine and chocolate there.


By day, she’s an editor at a publishing company in Manhattan.  By night, she’s a Brooklynite shut in.  The only variances are scheduled ahead of time and only happen if they involve her family or one of her close friends.  It’s the only way she feels safe.  But is living a half-life really living?  How do you make yourself whole again?  How do you learn to trust again?  How do you overcome the fear left behind after a brutal attack?

A stormy sky filled with lightning over the NYC skyline. Cover for the Book Just Like Lightning.  Book 2 of the 5 Boroughs Series
Just Like Lightning

ISBN-13   978-0997494631

The 5 Boroughs Series - Book 2


Five seconds.  Apparently that’s how long it takes to come to the realization that your girlfriend of five years is nothing but an illusion.  And once that illusion is stripped away all that remains is an ugly soul crammed inside a filthy hateful psycho. 

Sam Cooper is a down to earth kind of guy.  He’s not overly cautious, but he’s also not one to throw caution to the wind.  In all his thirty-six year, the “craziest” thing he’d ever done was go get matching tattoos with his best friend when he was back home in New Zealand when he was seventeen.  So when things takes an unexpected twist after his brother’s wedding, he deems himself “off the market” and tries to organize the upheaval that is his life.   

Cover of Whisper on the Wind
Whisper on the Wind

ISBN-13 978-0-9974946-5-5

The 5 Boroughs Series - Book 3

Murphy Cooper is a self-made man.  Raw talent and an undying passion for music got him into one of the top ten music conservatories in the world.  A head for business got him where he is today, owner of his own small record label that seems to grow by the day.


Alex York is a talented, self-taught musician.  She travels around playing small clubs, never staying in one place for too long.  It suits her well because always being on the go, means no one knows where you are. 


At a young age, Alex learned that trust is hard to find and should never be freely given.  So, when her nightmarish past finally catches up with her, can she risk putting her trust in Murphy?  Will he hear her call?

(TW: This book deals with the topics of abuse and sexual assault)

The Londoners

Currently there are two books in the series.  "Rathlin Lass" is available as a paperback and an ebook.  The 2nd book in the series (untitled) is in the 1st draft stage.  The total number of books in the series has yet to be determined.  There's currently no plans for a cookbook for this series.

Rathlin Lass

ISBN-13 978-0-9974946-7-9

The Londoners - Book 1

Ellie Moira ó Maoldhamhnaigh is an only child. Orphaned at the tender age of five, she went to live with her grandparents. After the death of her nan, her last living relative, she leaves her tiny Northern Ireland island home forever and goes about as far as she can without a passport. London.

It’s far from Rathlin - in more than just miles.

Once surrounded by quiet and solitude, Ellie finds herself in the middle of a loud and bustling city. She has a job, mates, and a flat of her very own. But it doesn’t make her less lonely. In fact, it makes her miss everything about her life before coming to London. Well, almost everything.

But, how do you get back to who you were if the life you’d been living is over?