Description Added!


The back cover description for WotW is finished (sort of) and has been added to the Books page.  You can see it here.  I say "sort of" because until the book is finished, it won't be set in stone.


Amazing Life Moment


I didn't get WotW done by the end of June.  HOWEVER, we took a drive up to Orlando during the PH Conference and I got to meet two AMAZING women that I've known for year online.  We only got to hang out for a little over an hour, but it's an hour I'll never forget!




Wrote 10,371 words in May.  Don't get me wrong, that's great and all.  But that only puts me just shy of 36K words.  I don't think I'm going to get WotW out by the end of June.  :( 


Minor Changes


Worked out a few gremlins in the system on the website.  Hopefully things run a bit smoother when viewing it from a mobile device.  


Snail's Pace


Working on Book 3 "Whisper on the Wind".  The writing is slow going because there are some tough topics to write.  Hoping to publish in June!


Website Updated


A few updates to some of the pages and a new blog post that mentions the 5 Boroughs Series companion cookbook.  Cookbook, you say?  Why, yes!  A cookbook will come out at the end of the series. (I blame Alera!)  Stay tuned!