Ok. Still a little peeved about the lost post, but it is what it is.

Back to what yesterday's post SHOULD have been about: PROGRESS!

July and August were AWESOME writing months! Hit a snag here and there, but the words just FLEW! Hoping to keep the pace up for September and finally get this first draft done. (Unfortunately, it's been a slow start this month with *ZERO* words written so far - UGH!)

I've got 48,958 words written (so far) in 2018. Still 4 months left to go an I've already surpassed my 2017 year total of 47,058. "Whisper on the Wind" is currently sitting at 61,326 words. I need to start working on wrapping it up .. but there's just SO much more to tell! Murphy and Alex are complex people. Not to say that the MCs in the other books were flat, but Murphy & Alex's layers have layers. Not only that, but Alex's backstory has been hard to write. But, the story needs to be told.

Screenshot of excel document with monthly word count totals.  Jan 1,293, Feb 1,781, March 820, April 9,324, May 10,371, June 404, July 12,447, Aug 12,518
2018 Monthly Word Counts

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