Surprise! New book & Series!

It was SO difficult to not spill the beans on this one!

While writing Tane's story (the 4th book in the 5 Boroughs Series), I had a character (Ellie) pop into my head. She started demanding that I tell her story. I figured I would write a few preliminary notes, scope some locations, maybe list a few side characters then go back to what I was working on.

I was wrong.

I couldn't stop writing Ellie's story. The more I tried, the more adamant she became. So I wrote, and I wrote, and then I wrote some more! But .. I refused to let Ellie take up all my writing time. I still worked on Tane's story as I wrote Ellie's. And it worked out in my favour. When I was having a hard time with one, I'd work on the other so that I was always writing. But I never let on about Ellie and the new series. The only people that knew about it, were my husband and my Beta readers. In just under 7 months, I wrote the entire first book (Rathlin Lass) for the new series, it was edited, went to the Betas, re-edited, I did the book cover and some of the first promo materials for its release.

Seven! Months!

And here it is!

Rathlin Lass: The Londoners Book 1

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