Exciting way to end June!

Ok, so let's face it, my word count for June sucked. BUT June ended in a few ways I never thought possible.

We took the youngest 2 kiddos to Orlando. Nope .. no Disney. Instead we went up for a little R&R and to meet some friends; two totally amazing women that I've known online for years. They were going to the annual Pulmonary Hypertension Conference which was held in Orlando this year. I can't even put into words how amazing it was to finally get to meet them face to face after all these years; to hug them, laugh with them, spend time with them. I adore these two wonderful women. And, even though it's only been a few days since I saw them, I miss them terribly!

Jenn & Jenny; two PH Warriors.  Both are smiling brightly and wearing the scarf & hat set I made them in the PH colours.  Jenn has long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a nose ring.  Jenny has chartreuse hair, blue eyes, and her oxygen .

While we were up in Orlando, we took kiddo #3 over to Full Sail University. It's been his dream college forever because since he was a kid his dream job was to become a video game designer. He'd been accepted to their online program and started a week before we took the trip up to Orlando. We didn't tell him where we were headed until we got there. Total surprise for him! :)

So proud of him for following his dreams!

Kiddo number 3 standing at the main entrance to Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.  Dressed all in blue, he's grinning and giving the thumbs up sign.

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