NaNo free November

This November will be a NaNo free month. Well, basically, every November has been a NaNo flop. Every November is always my slowest month for writing, so this year I've decided to not bother participating. And for the first time ever, I'm not stressing about it or guilt-tripping myself because there's no time for writing. November, December, and January (just before Thanksgiving and all the way until Burns Night) I spend cooking, baking, canning, cleaning, and getting the kiddo ready to end one semester and start another (we home school and he's autistic, so it takes some planning).

The days just don't seem long enough for getting everything done and writing as well. If something pops into my head, sure, I'll make a quick note. But getting time to sit down and work on a scene is slim-to-none. December I have even less time It's probably why my books don't come out until the Spring - haha.

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