Tamales! Lots and lots of tamales!

Yesterday and today I made tamales! I love tamales! Tamales are awesome! They just take a long time to make .... because I'm a one person crew.

I started the process on Saturday. I got the chicken cooked, cooled, and broken down. Then I strained the broth left in the pot. One quart was put into a jar and popped in the fridge to use in the dough the next day. The rest was strained, bagged, tagged, and popped into the freezer.

Sunday morning I made the two sauces (one red and one green), the masa dough, and got to rolling. Because of the long weekend, we had a bunch of people over. What better way to fully test a recipe than to feed a crowd that's never been here on tamale night before! They were a hit!

Now the recipe gets move to the next folder for my testers to try. :)

Oh, and I baked cookies Saturday night too, because when you have dinner at my house, there's usually dessert.

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