Just Like Lightning - PUBLISHED!

Today is the day!

Just Like Lightning, the 2nd book in the 5 Boroughs Series has been published!

Picture of the author holding a copy of Just Like Lightning up to her face. The cover is a stormy sky in shades of purple with bright white slashes of lightning.  Her hair color matches the book cover.

It's available in paperback and ebook formats. Head over to the BOOKS tab on the website to find the format you are looking for.

I'm seriously ecstatic today! This book took a bit longer than anticipated (Original release was Jan/Feb), but I wanted to make sure it was exactly what it was supposed to be, rather than rush it to get it out sooner.

Book 2 is seen through the eyes of Sam, Killian's oldest brother. So, although it's still set in the 5 Boroughs and has many of the same characters, it's not a continuation of Donna and Killian's story. You'll also encounter some new characters as well - ones you'll love and ones you'll love to hate. It's action packed, with strong characters, suspense, raw emotions, and ALWAYS a thread of humor.

As with Book 1, it is intended for a mature audience only (language, sex, adult themes).

I hope that you fall in love with Sam and his story as I did while writing it!

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