Four days, and yet .....

Today is day 4 in a row that my husband has been off from work. I've gotten almost NO writing done. And by "almost no writing" I mean an entire 497 words ... TOTAL ... in four days! UGH! And considering that tomorrow he starts an 11 day straight it's a Double Ugh!

To be fair though, my little one has been sick. Figures! Friday was his last day of Kindergarten (uh, the feels!!) and he woke up Saturday sick as two dogs. He was, in essence, a gargantuan shot machine for two days straight. He's starting to feel better though which makes us both very very happy.

I also worked on a guest blog post for The Planner's Plate. It'll go live this week and I'll post the direct link.

I did 3 loads of laundry. I emptied and stacked the dishwasher a few times. We had people over one night for dinner.

There's been plenty of time though to write, but I haven't utilized it. I'm not procrastinating. I'm not trying to avoid the scene. But, it's just giving me a hard time and not quite flowing as I would hope. In total, I've probably written more than 497 words. But anything over that amount I'm not counting, can't even count, because it was scrapped. Whole paragraphs would be highlighted and <ctrl>+x

Usually it's not bad, but when you have to do it over and over (and over) again it can get very frustrating.

And then there are times that after you do it over and over (and over) again, that you find yourself walking away from it to blog out how frustrating it can be! HA!

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