CampNaNo - Going it alone

Last April I did #CampNaNoWriMo and had an AMAZING experience. I was in a cabin with wonderful writers. We were big on encouraging each other without all that fakeness. This year, the same people were scattered among other groups. So I decided to go with a group at random.

The first group they put me in was for writers that all had the same illness. As it wasn't my illness, I didn't think it was right to gate-crash, so I left. The next random group I was full to bursting. And yet, there was ZERO interaction. I posted twice to see if it would get people talking. After a week, there was nothing. So I left that group and decided to *not* be in a cabin. It was weird, BUT .. I did better than I though going it alone. I finished April with 9,324 words for the month. Not stellar, but that was more than DOUBLE January, February, and March's word counts combined. Pretty happy with that and hoping to keep up the pace.

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