Break Time

For over a week now things have been slow writing wise. Bit of an unintentional break. It was just my son's 6th birthday (where'd the time go?!) and Ma was in town to help us celebrate. I thought that *maybe* I could sneak in some work time while she was here. There was so much "do, go, see" while she was here that I blinked and next thing I knew it was time to drive her to the airport already!

After spending the morning getting some housework done, it's time to sit down, relax, and write. Or rather ... ATTEMPT to sit, relax, and write. Things never *quite* go according to plan in a special needs household.

A photo of my mother sitting at a table with my son as he eats his birthday cake.  He'd just gotten out of the pool so he's still wearing his water-wings and his hair is dripping wet.
Having Cake

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