Slow and steady wins the race?

Oy to the fricken vey!

Things here have been slow. Snails are zooming past and I can see the puzzled looks on their faces in their rear view mirrors. I wish I could say they were steady (though I'm trying to work on that). I did manage to get the website updated a bit so that it runs a bit smoother with better links

In the past 2 weeks, I've only managed to get in 1500 words. That brings the total to 21576 since the 18th of March. I'm still hoping for a December release of the yet to be titled Book 2. Keep your fingers crossed.

Highlight of the slow time ... I became a grandma :) Little peanut was two weeks earlier than expected. Momma and baby are doing well, just wish there wasn't over 1600 miles between here and there. DH and I are hoping to see them soon :) There's a tiny baby nose that needs a kiss from Gran! :)

Photo of my new grandson; swaddled, cozy, and sleeping

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