Always a tough day

Photo of my grandmother and me.  We're standing in front of a forest green marble fireplace.  In the background on the mantle is an old black and white photo of my grandmother in her 20's; likely the same age I was when the picture of the two of us was taken.

Today marks three years since my grandmother passed away. Seems like only yesterday that I got "the call" I'd been dreading. In the three years that passed, it hasn't gotten any easier. I still haven't come to terms with her death, and I'm not sure I ever will. She was my rock, my secret keeper, and talking to her on the phone always brought a sense of calm.

The character Mrs. Brown is a 'younger' version of my grandmother who was 92 when she passed. This is one of my favourite pictures of the pair of us, taken in May 1999.

I miss the hell out of her!

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