So my intention was to write a blog post about how the book is coming and my stellar two month run of awesome word counts. When I got to my blog I realized that there were a few posts that the font didn't match. No problem, I went to fix them so that the font was Bree in 18 pt. My son was having a fun time helping Mommy and there were tons of giggles.

And then *POOF* post gone. Instead of typing Bree in the font style drop down, I accidentally typed Bree INTO the blog. All the highlighted text went *POOF* and I lost my post from 2016 about Hurricane Matthew. CTRL+Z didn't work. The back button didn't work. The post is just gone. GRAWR! It was the longest blog post I'd written!!

Live and learn, I guess. From now on, I'll type out my blog posts in Word, save to the Cloud, the copy/paste into the blog. Still sucks that I lost the post :(

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