Every Thursday I will be hosting an Author Spotlight on my website, Twitter, and Facebook.  If you would like your book to be featured, please fill out the form below.
But *FIRST* read all the rules:
  1. Spotlight does not guarantee sales.

  2. Spotlight does not guarantee social media followers.

  3. All genres are welcome, except hate speeches.  If your book is nothing more than a soap box to spew hate, you will not get a Spotlight.

  4. You may submit ONLY two books per calendar month (1 for a Monday and 1 for a Friday)

  5. If your book is Erotica, BDSM, or would be rated NC17 if it was a film, please fill out the “Warning” field below.

  6. If your book contains violence or anything that may require a “trigger warning”, please fill out the “Warning” field below.  If you’re not sure, fill it out anyway.  Better safe, you know.

  7. Do *NOT* fill this form out because you really like an author and want them to get a Spotlight.  They must fill it out themselves.

  8. Filling out this form today does not guarantee that you will get a spotlight on the very next Thursday.  Spotlights are given as a FCFS (first come, first serve) basis.  Please note that there are only 2 spotlights in a given week.  If you are trying to plan ahead for a new book or an event, please use the CONTACT form (see top of page) to see how far out spotlights are posting before submitting.

  9. All forms that are incomplete/filled out incorrectly/filled with errors, will be returned to the author to fix.  Should it be returned to the author for correction, you’ll still have the same spot in the FCFS queue.  However, you only get one free pass.A second occurrence will send you to the back of the line.

  10. Filling out the form does not guarantee a Spotlight.  If you fill out the form and are turned down, don’t be discouraged.  You’ll receive feedback on why and are more than welcome to submit again.

  11. If you are NOT an Indie author, please be sure that you have the right (per your contract) to enter a Spotlight.  Please note that if you need permission from your publisher and fill out the form before acquiring said permission, any and all legalities fall on YOU.

  12. I run on Eastern Standard Time (GMT – 05.00) but fully understand that the internet is a global community.  As such, Spotlights will be posted as early as possible.  You will also be given advanced notice as to when your Spotlight will post.

  13. Currently there are 2 spots a week.  Should the need arise, more spots will be opened at this website’s discretion.  If more spots are opened, everyone in the queue will be bumped up before new submissions are added.  Again, FCFS.  Should your Spotlight be bumped up, you will receive a notification and have the right to keep your original date if you want (esp in the case of matching Spotlight to an event/book release).

  14. If you *don't* include your social media links in the "Additional Info" box, links to your social media (fb, twitter, goodreads, etc) will NOT appear in your Author Spotlight.  It is not my job to go hunting for something you are supposed to provide.  I am not your admin.

  15. Give no grief, get no grief.  Meaning … I’m doing this For Free and in my spare time because I love giving authors another outlet to promo their work.  Please note that when I say “spare time”, I don’t *actually* have spare time but I am *MAKING* time just for this project by taking time out of my writing to do this.  Why?  Because as an Indie author I understand the need for exposure and not always having a budget for it.  So, as long as you don’t give me any grief you won’t get any and we’ll get along swimmingly.  However …..

  16. By pressing the Submit Form button below you are agreeing to all the rules/terms listed above.

  17. Rules 1-16 are the core rules.  Should more rules need to be added, they will be added below and the author’s in the Spotlight queue will be notified  Do *NOT* be the reason more rules have to be added.  It will not end well for you.



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